7 comments on “Panoramic Brazil: Igreja São Francisco de Assis, Mariana (MG)

    • Um bom dia também!
      This church is a good example of the baroque style. European baroque adapted to the Brazilian culture. At that time, extraction of gold, diamonds, and gemstones generated wealth among the citizens of the historic cities as Mariana and Ouro Preto. There was even some kind of covert competition who was able to show his wealth at best.
      As far as I know, the roof is constructed of wood, covered by tiles. Many churches of that era now suffer problems of these roofs, because of the age, rainfall and lack of maintenance. Fortunately, the Brazilian IPHAN (taking care of the monuments) has many reconstruction and restoration projects going on.


      • Thank You. I was not sure if it is wooden, I thought so. With maintenance we have nearly same kind of problems. We have snow during winter months and the outside roof might have problems in those cases when all the church is wooden built and we have plenty of wooden churches.

        We have solved the problem with tar. Yes, in many countries it is forgotten, but we use it still and of course we made tar.

        Here is one excellent example of using tar.

        Strange bell tower


  1. Very beautiful photo, AdrianoAntoine! I live in Mariana since more then three years. The Igreja São Francisco de Assis is one of the most beautiful churches here, perhaps the most beautiful. Many ancient buildings here suffer from ‘cupim’, termites, too. Happily there is a lot of knowledge about fighting those insects who eat the wood from the inside.
    Até à próxima!


    • Thank you very much for your comment, Constantino. I arrived in Belo Horizonte in DEC 2004. I have visited Mariana twice, and neighboring city Ouro Preto various times. Every time when I visit a historical city, I am amazed about the richness of that era. Abraços 🙂


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