2 comments on “Travel in Brazil: Mariana (MG), 2011

  1. Dear Adriano Antoine! May I make some remarks on your information about Mariana, the city where I live? Mariana has been founded in 1696 and celebrated her third millennial in 1996. But it’s celebrating her birthday every year on July, 16. The churches on your photo are indeed Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo and Igreja São Francisco de Assis. But the São Francisco is on the left hand, the N.S. de Carmo on the right hand. On the map only the São Francisco is mentioned and a little bit too low. The building on the map more to the left, opposite the São Francisco and on the photo on top of your blog on the right hand was the first parliament of Minas Gerais, today the city’s Town Hall.


    • Thank you for your comment, Constantino! I have corrected the referrals to the proper churches. Indeed, Mariana was founded in 1696, and in 1711 it was elevated to the status of a city. In this context, I mentioned the third centennial that happened last year, together with Ouro Preto and Sabará.
      Unfortunately, the Google map sometimes does not show all locations or important buildings. The map is already a good guide, but still needs to be improved.


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